Lúcio Brusch

ZERI Brazil Foundation

Physicist with a Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering and socio-environmental entrepreneur. He is the associate director of Biotópica, a company whose objectives are dissemination, training, methodological support, the creation of reference models based on Systemic Thinking and the implementation of socio-environmental solutions and projects, since 2013. Lúcio voluntarily works as Executive Chairman of Fundação ZERI Brasil, a civil organization dedicated to disseminating the axioms, principles and concepts related to the ZERI Methodology and the Blue Economy, as proposed by Gunter Pauli in 1998. Over the past five years, he has been working on matters such as cultivation and use of various microalgae, especially Spirulina; organic fish farming; exploring the potential of bamboo as building material and furniture; and education for children and teenagers on environmental themes and on Systemic Thinking using Gunter’s Fables. Throughout 2017, he created projects and initiatives related to the food and energy autonomy of rural communities, using Integrated Biosystems as a productivity archetype, in Brazil and in Argentina. He also worked on the introduction to Brazil of disruptive solutions and technologies related to eco-friendly products, such as stone paper, and Li-Fi, internet by light.

The complex social relationship of the food chain and how it affects the whole process, from the producer to the final consumer

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