In this issue of Fruto we seek to address food in a holistic way. It feeds body, soul, nature. It nourishes us with knowledge, stories, culture. It gives us health. Food crosses all human relations.

FRUTO is a platform for mobilizing actions and projects and connecting and engaging people, organizations and companies. The idea behind it all is finding possible solutions to the main challenges involved in producing good, clean and fair food today and in the years to come.

One of our actions is the seminar FRUTO | Dialogues on Food, an international event that takes place annually in January in São Paulo. It was created by chef Alex Atala and cultural producer Felipe Ribenboim.

In its third edition, the event reinforces its purpose of gathering significant content to promote dialogues, questions, alternatives, strategies and solutions concerning environmental protection, production of quality food and access to it. FRUTO 2020 intends to question the way the relationship between man and food is usually understood. New themes will be coming up and those already addressed in the 2018 and 2019 editions will be granted deeper discussions. They are: food waste, innovations, entrepreneurship, anthropology, nutrition education, public policies, among others.

This year’s FRUTO has water as one of its main themes, for we understand the extreme importance of discussing the use of a non-renewable resource. There will be talk about access, treatment, distribution, the restoration of springs, groundwater and other issues. Our focus is on the importance of water for the environment and humanity. This discussion has especially to do with Latin America, where the world’s largest reservoirs are. They can be found in the Amazon and Patagonia.

When it comes to food, our focus is on associating it with health. There will be discussions ranging from its production to its consumption. Essential issues such as packaging, consumer information and labeling will be addressed. Food from its origins to its disposal. We will be evaluating each person’s responsibility in all this process. Their impacts.

This way, by promoting new ideas, different perspectives and real experiences, FRUTO intends to be the embryo of a new way of looking at food. Food is culture. Food is a powerful tool for social change. Food is the largest social network on the planet.