In times of transformation, the Basque Culinary Center (Donostia-San Sebastián) and FRUTO | diálogos do alimento (Brazil), join forces to celebrate, on November 19th and 20th, a special conference to talk about sustainability and to connect the gastronomy industry with some of the environmental, economic and social challenges of our time.

International experts from all over the world will take part of a needed and stimulating conversation. Event sponsored by: Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa. With the collaboration of Aquanaria and Mahou San Miguel.


Watch the lectures of the special edition FRUTO + BCC that was held in November 2020.

Translating biodiversity into an edible bet
Jaime Camacho & Sebastián Pinzón

The culinary language of the wild plants
Blanca Del Noval

Keys to achieve social and economic development through gastronomy
Marsia Taha

Kitchen Farming Project: planting, harvesting and cooking
Oliver Holt

Sustainability as a creative challenge: walking the walk
Douglas McMaster

Food as a transformative force
Luís Capão

Sitopia: rethinking the relationship between what, where and how we eat
Carolyn Steel

Generation Y: young people changing the world right here right now
Camille Etienne

Circular Economy: what goes around, comes around
Gaëlle Le Gélard

New approaches through Food Design
Elsa Yranzo

The wild life and its culture
Miles Irving

Native bees, biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources
Jerônimo Villas Bôas

Alliances for sustainable international trade that enables local economic growth
Hernan Manson

Hope and resilience for a better future
Chido Govera

Shaping a sustainable restaurant industry
Tracy Chang

Adapting to defying times
Matt Orlando

The true value and power of food
Alex Atala