Paula Ponteli Costa


Paula works as a consultant on agroforestry and forestry systems for the cultivation of native and exotic species of plants. She has a degree in Biology by Unesp and another one in Forest Engineering by Esalq-Usp, where she specialized in Environmental Management.

Paula has over 10 years of experience working with regenerative production systems. Her areas of expertise include dendrology, botany and the identification of native trees. She has developed projects regarding forest restoration, environmental adaptation, direct seeding (known as muvuca in Brazil), horticulture and agroforestry. She was the coordinator of a research group on agroforestry systems at Esalq-Usp. She also coordinated the logistics of the farm Fazenda da Toca and developed research for the betterment of the agroforestry system going on in there.

Cropping systems for the next generations

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