Bela Gil

Natural cuisine advocate

Active as a chef of healthy cuisine, Bela Gil has a degree in Nutrition by Hunter College and seeks to emphasize the importance of health-conscious eating through several projects, such as TV shows, an Youtube channel, books and events. Having graduated in Master Class of Healthy Cooking at The New School, she currently has been specializing in holistic nutrition. She also is the host of the tv programs “Vida Mais Bela” and “Bela Cozinha” on GNT channel and the owner of the Youtube channel “Canal da Bela”, where she adresses themes related to a healthy lifestyle, conscious consumption and real food. Bela Gil supports several social projects and coordinates “Bela Infância”, a program that teaches children in public and private schools to eat healthy and seeks to fight childhood obesity. Finally, she works as consultant at chef Alex Atala’s Instituto ATÁ and at the NGO Gastromotiva.

Paths that may lead to a bigger number of people with access to healthy food


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