Renato Soares is an indigenist photographer, specialized in the in-depth register of indigenous peoples, as well as that of Brazilian art, culture and biodiversity.

Since 1986 he has been traveling around the national territory to portray the different forms of cultural expression of the various Brazilian ethnic groups. His identification with the indigenous universe has led him to long periods of immersion in villages and reserves, and encouraged him to develop the project ‘Amerindians of Brazil,’ an ambitious photographic documentation of the almost 300 indigenous nations of the country. It is a rescue, through photography, of the ancestral personae that are rooted in our souls.

The goal is to turn ‘Amerindians of Brazil’ into an ethnographic collection larger than any other Brazilian photography series of this kind. Into a precious register of the traditional peoples of Brazil. The collection will have several uses and be connected to education in many ways, appearing in textbooks, art books, editorials, lectures and interactive conferences, institutional actions, photography exhibitions, audiovisual productions, virtual technologies and other media.

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